Pvp loki armor projectile reality?

Hello pilots!
I learned Loki, very good skills for machine guns / art and very bad for rockets. They should be taught about 40 days for good performance.
I want to collect on the armor, because I’m used to flying on it, but the shields are also good.
I tried to gather himself, but did not get a working version. What can you advise?
P.S. I also wanted to add cloaking, but -1 low slot.

Most people dont go for armor loki, because they like to fit Immobility drivers as their core subsystem, cause of how good it is with webs. If you want to go Armor, you need to fit the augmented nuclear reactor, as that gives you the most possible lowslots.

Generally though, the sheild resists and sheild capacity of the Loki is very good and uniform, and arguably better than armor, so most people just go Shields. That doesnt mean you cant go armor, but i find it not as good as sheilds.

The Proteus and Legion are generally hailed as the superior Armor T3, but you can still go Armor Loki, and do a decent job.

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