What t3c is best

Im looking for a T3C that can run the archive room in superior sleeper cache. Any thoughts and fits floating around out there? I can fly any of them so any help would be great

im sorry i dont know what the archive room in the sleeper cache is but when it comes to t3s you cant really go wrong with a ham loki

if you wanna fill in your resist profile a bit more you can back it up with a tengu thats what i do

The loki.

any suggestions on a fit? armor or shield

I am afraid, I cannot answer that. I have never flown one nor do I ever have used the skillbooks for one.

4500 omni DPS. per colossal wave, you can have 3 simultaneous waves if you are not loki(most likely you will have only two at the same time, and none if you are fast). The waves last 10s IIRC, and minimum delay is 50s so you need either 13500 ehp/s or only 2250 and 135k repairable ehp (eg armor if you are stratios)

a crystal+booster loki can go up to 8600 ehp/s capstable, if mwd fit+zeugma (both turned off for cap stability)

More likely you want to hack the cans before the colossal waves hit, which you can if you are fast. For this you only need to handle one colossal (4500 dps) heated.

I can tell you a sub optimal (4B) loki can handle colossal+wave+general DPS, however I had already completed the cans and just made it to test ; and the DPS went over my tank and grinded the armor and hull, I warped out at like 80% hull.

Could the Nestor handle it? Since it is a battleship with an armor resistance bonus, it should be fine, no?

lol. Try it.

Remember a clumsy and slow BS will take a lot more time than a cruiser.
not only to do the site, but also to bring it on the site.

a loki can tank the 16 sentries of the sentries room (though I rather convert one and repair it because I don’t have to manage them) as well as the aoe of the first room, and the massive waves with not so many issues (just OL the hardeners), without implants nor boosters.

to my limited experience, you can do 500M in the L cache, half of it is in the archive. considering the time to search for it, the time to get a nestor, I just think it’s not worth doing it in a clumsy ship. I only have one loki for this (though I have spare PA invul, PX XLSB, PS SBA, SS DCU for a second one - and maybe a third), for the same reason : it’s just very rare and a very dangerous activity. I just lost a loki to the explosion of the archive entrance, though I did that tens of time already and I know what I am doing, CCP reimbursed me (the cloud did not protect me), but just considering the time I took to bring my loki (10j I think, through wh) It was more like a waste of time. So in a nestor … sure, if you add 3 hypers to the nestor ^^

don’t crosspost.

I have built an armour Loki with 75.9k ehp, 14490hp armour, 93 82 72 66. Triple corpum a-type rep cap stable mwd off. 4.21mins with everything running including zeugma.

Will that run it

Oh yikes!

I lost a very bling Stratios because read standard sleeper cache and thought it was the minor one - it wasn’t.
Thanks for the info!

Shame the one bonused battleship for agility, probing and hacking can’t hack it so to speak.

stratios can’t enter limited (small) cache.

Not that, but you.
So what about you run it and then you tell us ?

lol ok, currently on test server trying to find a site so will update as soon as i have managed to find and run it

well after some extensive testing it turns out the astero can run it even with colossal waves, there is a radius of 40km from the central archive where the waves will not touch you. You need max hacking skills and implants to be fast enough from when the wave ends to get to your can hack it, you then have on average 12 secs to burn 35-40km before anything touches you. Yes i have done this and yes its not easy but once you get the hang of it, its also not difficult. As for the loki fit. x2 colossal and a massive and it copes absolutely fine

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did you finish the whole site ? I mean, hack all the cans, with the sentries.

BTW I just learnt the waves are limited to 40 km, nice.

yes the whole site, i sat around in my loki for an hour testing everything first then got my alt to bring an astero. lost 3 before i got the hang of it but after that its pretty easy. You just have to hit your mwd as soon as you see the msg as you have about 3 secs spare before the wave is active. In regards to the sentries you just got to keep moving and they dont hit you

when i say 3s spare, from msg to active wave you have exactly 15.6s tested over 100 waves so pretty accurate. By the time you hit your mwd in the direction and get out 3s later the wave is active, again tested by having my loki sat inside wave radius. the issue you have though is you need your mwd off and orbit the can at 500 so you have to be fast

and did you note the delay between waves ?

I assume we have 3 rolling waves, that increase when you are out of time.
I also assume that the wave are 1-1.5 min delay between each.

waves come on average every 40-50 secs, after 30 mins they become every 20 secs or so. sometimes you only get a single wave others you get 3. They mix from x2 massive and x1 colossal to x3 massive and the worst was x2 colossal and x1 massive all of which my loki coped fine and just had help on the x2 colossal x1 massive. The massive just tipped it over but otherwise no issues at all