What t3c is best

which help ? from who ?

Well that’s what I think but we never can be sure there won’t be 3* colossal.

rejuvenation battery you hack it for a 90s repair cycle which you do not hug like others state as i got no repairs when hugging but at 1500m i was being repaired

yes you cant be sure you wont get x3 colossal but i would imagine that is very rare if its ever even happened

umm you can try be fast but no matter how good or fast you are your not getting away from the first wave without burning out first and 3 waves are very common

based on what ?

I guess that one wave every 20s means you had a lot of them. How many exactly ?

What I mean is, it’s very difficult to know what is possible and what is not. Unlesss I did some 100 sites that would last over 30min each, I can’t safely assume there won’t be 3 colossal on singularity.

Also my way to run the site, is to tank the massive, and complete the site before the first colossal hit.

my post was about avoiding the colossal.

i didnt count every wave, im going to be running more tests on sisi and then i can post more info on them , and i didn’t realise you were solely talking about avoiding the colossal

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nice. Also don’t forget to note the time you start the site, the time you end up, and the loot :slight_smile:

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