PVP Newbie searches for a Caldari FW Corp


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Hello everyone,

I am searching for a Caldari FW corp which has no problem with players who are completely new to PVP in Eve Online.

A bit about my character:
I am not new to Eve, my first start was in 2008, because of different private time consuming problems I stopped playing two times. Now I am ready to give EVE a new go and keep playing it. In my time playing EVE I mostly played PVE combat missions in HighSec, most of them were Level 3 Missions in a Drake.
My character has around 12Mio SP with specialization on Shield Tank, Light Drones and Missiles, but I have around 800k SP available to freely apply (which I am open for advice on which skills these points would be suitable). I have mandatory support skills which are important for fitting, like capacitor skills, weapon upgrades, etc…

I have experienced the lowSec, PVP or FactionWarfare only a little bit, so the best would be a corp which has no problem in teaching or has regularly teaching fleets. At the moment I am a member of the Templis Training Academy (also a FW corp for newbies), but the problem is the timezone. There are mostly active in Pacific Standard Time and I am active in CEST or UTC+1 so a great problem finding fleet partners.

What I would like from a potential corp:
-EU Timezone (best would be CEST (UTC+2) but something around UTC+1 (Berlin) would be great)
-open for Newbies
-active in Caldari FW
-Headquarter (best would be a citadel) in FW Space
-regularly pvp training fleets
-veteran members which are happy to instruct new players or open for questions
-support in logistic things (hauling, ships, fittings, etc…)
-English or German as main language
-because I am working, no strict playing times

What I could give you:
-a char which already has some important skills and support skills for combat
-dedicated to learn new things
-not frustrated when loosing a ship or capsule
-a friendly and calm player
-of course a headphone and a mic ready
-fighting for the state till the end :wink:
-no problem giving you a API key for verifying my history

I hope some corp out there is willing to teach me mechanics of PVP.

Best regards


(WEWILLSEE Whatwillbe) #2

Bro, hope to meet you soon shooting at eachother from the opposite sides, I am right now lightly experimenting FW from the Gallentes.

(Telemachus89) #3

Bro, thats right. Hope to see you on the warzone.
After finding a corp sure we will meet sometime and have a good fight.

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