PVP NOOBTASTIC Looking for a teacher

Ok peeps I am looking for a place to learn the ways of the GUN… I want to learn to kill efficiently, calculated, cold, and most of all FUN!

DISCLAIMER!! This char is brand new but training Omega


I will dispense with the BS of “Oh hi Im new and looking for a home to learn” stuff. I currently play the game and have for a while, I have only punched rocks and did some missions on another account, I am no way even remotely well off isk wise but can provide myself with some ships and tools to learn with.

But what I have never done is PVP and I have got the itch something fierce to learn to PVP and do it well, as in hey that guy is here wholly S**t good so I made this char to be a PVP toon to be a good one so I am looking to slide under a wing somewhere and learn the ways of extracting another persons ship out from under them from good pvper’s I AM NOT LOOKING FOR HAND OUTS OR ISK!!!. All I have ever done is try and perfect my carebear stare but alas I want to fight, time to retire the shamrock :wink:

So about me, I am a older with kids, a job, kids sports, ect ect so RL needs to be forefront. AKA Not get booted if I cant play here and there kinda thing. I can use comms and like to because I like to cut up drink beer and meet cool interweb peeps. I joke, have a good sense of humor but know when to shut up in comms when needed. I am USTZ usually weekdays 0000 ish to 0400 ish, weekends is more depending on wife aggro and the damn kids.

So Thats it, is there any PVP masters willing to teach me the GUN? please message me in game or here, **

If you are truly not interested in teaching a PVP noob dont bother please.


Skill point amount? Just kinda where/who would be recruiting you.

Brand new as in less than a mil exp, maybe too soon but I always heard if ya gonna do it…Do it! Just need some killers to take a chance on me and not just f
me over :wink:

I would say AIDER

Aideron robotics is a corp within FEDUP that would be able to do the job. I don’t recruit for them but evemail a “CaseyLP” in game to get more info

https://forums.eveonline.com/u/caseylp/summary this dude

Here is our ad. I think we would be a good fit for you!
Will send you an in game mail too

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