PVP/pve Corporation recruiting in Providence

KVA is a multinational PVP corporation living in the Providence region. Small/Medium sized PVP roams, capital engagements, hot drops, we do it all…Miners and Ratters also welcome to apply! Nothing super fancy, but dope enough to at least pretend we’re cool. We bust balls a bunch and our voice comm’s are very social. We have a decent number of fleets going, but rarely have max duder CTA’s.

We’re primarily USTZ, but got a few bodies in each of the time zones. Our alliance, Sev3rance, has a strong USTZ & EUTZ presence and the coalition as a whole is active with fleets in all timezones. We have alliance SRP, the logistics to help you move stuff, and decent prices on alliance contracts for fitted doctrine ships. However, we expect you to be self-sufficient and be able to make your own money. We use TeamSpeak and occasionally Mumble for coalition ops, and Discord for when you just got to share that stupid link with your corpies from work.

We also require a FULL API CHECK!

If this sounds dope, contact Royaldo in game or visit the channel: KVA Public



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We are still looking for more pilots to join us.

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Come visit our in-game chat channel: KVA Public


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Come visit our in-game chat channel: KVA Public

Ingame Channel “KVA Public” we are ball of funage

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