PvP US(PST) Returning Pilot Looking for High Sec Mercs 17mill sp

I was previously part of a high sec wardec corp and participated in numerous assaults on industrial corps for ransom, fighting their hired mercs, etc. Unfortunately that corp is now defunct. I’m not really interested in WH or Null, not interested in FW or small gang piracy. Little interest in PvE or Mining. In my eve downtime, I scum money off the market at Jita by reselling, but I don’t have anything to spend it on. I know how to make my own isk.

I’m a normal dude who’s gonna be infrequently busy so I’m looking for a corp where I can probably join fleets on weekends and maybe the occasional weekday, but not get kicked for sitting a few out. I like big, expensive ships, but I don’t want to fly with caps. It might take a few weeks to pivot to my new corp’s ship loadouts, but I’m good at hopping on a call and following orders. I can fly logi.

Basically, I want another laid back, highsec, merc corp so I can bully miners and ransom their structures.

https://forums.eveonline.com/t/we-form-bl0b-sov-null-daily-pvp-recruiting-corps-and-players-all-tzs :gun: :gun:

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