[PvP Video] Samurai Revenge 10,5

Howdy, I 'd like to introduce you my new movie/video which include older scenes from year 2014-2016. In meantime I am working on SR11, any support will be very appreciated. Enjoy!

Samurai Revenge 10,5

Ships : Sleipnir,Myrmidon,Hyperion,Astarte

Music :
Mettalica - Memory Remains (M3ITIS DNB Remix)
Carlos Estella - Fight for Glory
C21 FX - Ancient Evil
Cinematic Monster - New Horizon

My Youtube
Donations to support the creation of new videos - ISK, Ships, Drugs, Implants… are always welcome!


M***erF***ing watching right now. )))))))))

[EDIT] - Dat 3xMyrmidon clip. gfgfgf

Was very surprised to see a vid from you pop up on my sub feed on youtube. Totally forgot I was even subbed!

epic fights!!! nice

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