[Narrated AAR] Olmeca Gold vs. Bombers Bar: A Space Drama

Here is a video I made about my recent quarrel with Bombers Bar.


care levels critically low cap’n!

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Enjoyable video, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:

was an interesting watch, nice editing if nothing else.


The music is crap, though.

I really enjoyed this story. The music was terrible but the tale was well and truly told well enough with great use of visual aid. 10/10 would watch more

PS Revenge always feels good no?

Like the music and liked the video, it tells a compelling story! Can’t wait for you to SmartBomb me whenever I fly with BB! :smiley:

I am done with my revenge :slight_smile:

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I still believe that’s the best music you can find that’s royalty free :slight_smile:

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Should have asked me, because I don’t think you’ve been digging very deep. But, well, most of the stuff I’d have given you is classical music because, imho, all the modern crap just sounds awful :stuck_out_tongue:

Well they have their places.

Its hard to please everyone with the music. Its even harder to please you with anything anyway :P. Altho I think the classical music my last video (The Rorqual Weekend) was pretty good, but wasn’t free.

It takes a pretty disgusting person to relate what happened in 745 to 9/11…very twisted thinking…and don’t tell me it was just a coincidence. Sick mind!

Good story and telling.

I missed lost isk from “your” team, in the end. On the other hand you probably didn’t refund losses apart from sharing loot(?).

I believe many to be hoping to make a difference in Eve and this is sort of encouragement to those.

  1. That artwork is not mine. I only used it with permission.

  2. It has been done before. The work I used referred to that one actually.

  3. You are a Bombers Bar regular. If you just want to hatepost find another angle.

  4. Check out how many likes that reddit post received. If you are seriously offended by this you are in the wrong game, playing with the wrong community…


Well, eviction finished on 9/11… It also wasn’t Olmeca coming up with that initially. Someone else made the image.

Glad you liked it!

“My team” is just my alts. The evicting group was evicting them for themselves, so their losses are not mine. I didn’t refund anything. All loot went to them.

Nether the less…it’s inapproprite…and to shift blame to someone else is just a cop out…lots of innocent people died on that date and you all should be more considerate and thoughtful.

The fact that you have to be even reminded of how inappropiate you are is just indicitive of your character…I am so glad your not a part of Bomers’s Bar…you are disgusting.

Lol. You’re just one of these many dudes who has to hate someone just because they ruined your Eve. Cowkiller was the same. Whatever I do will be disgusting for you. Grow up already.