[Narrated AAR] Olmeca Gold vs. Bombers Bar: A Space Drama

People die all the time and nobody gives a ■■■■. Why should 9/11 be any different? It was an attack on the US. I don’t give a ■■■■ about the US. Humanity would be better off without the US and the planet would be better off without humanity.
Nature doesn’t give a ■■■■ about whatever rights you may think you have.

It isn’t even all that unlikely that it was an inside job to justify actions the US has taken since then. All in the name of their corporate overlords.

And anyway, I find it unlikely that you yourself give a ■■■■. You may lie to yourself that you do, as it goes against human psyche to give a ■■■■, but I find it more likely you’re just desperately grabbing strawman arguments trying to support your narrative of lies.

What an odd reply. I don’t think anyone could ever do that. . What’s funny is that you think you ruined the play time of bomber’s Bar members, which leads me to believe that was one of your goals. I think you are the one who became so hateful and intent on revenge that your judgement became clouded and resulted in you doing things that a normal person wouldn’t do. If Cowkiller had linked a reference to 9/11 with a video like you did, I would find his actions reprehensible also and would tell him so. Your actions tell alot about your character…and I find your actions disgusting.

…and now I am out in NS now with my travel ceptor enjoying Eve more and more, avoiding people who are trying to hunt me down while I do relic sites…and having fun. Sorry to disappoint you by not becoming hateful and quitting Eve.

Hmmmm…what an angry person you are…and your response also gives a nice glimpse of your character.
Birds of a feather do flock together. You and Olmeca deserve each other.

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I’m from a 2nd world muslim majority country. People do terrorist muslim jokes everyday in this game. I don’t care about them, sometimes they are really funny. I suggest you grow some skin and htfu.


Does nothing offend you? Becoming insentive to acts of terror carried out in the name of a religion would be like condining the actions of the nazi and SS during WWII…there are some things that are so horrific that they cannot be so easily dismissed. You have indeed become a callused person…don’t you ever ask yourself why?

I’m an on-again, off-again BB regular, going back I think to the early days when Tempelmen N was running the joint (2012, 2013 or so). I don’t really have a dog in the hunt here, but I do feel bad for the duders who thought storing stuff in an indefensible citadel in J space would turn out alright. Seriously guys, the sandcastle was going to get kicked over at some point anyway. I’ve had fun flying with Olmeca, Nova, Linus, Marshy, Cowkiller, Hell, whoever.

Anyway, yeah, the 9/11 thing is pretty much a stretch I think. Did everyone lose their mind over the naming of World War Bee? Chill out my man.

Olmeca did a thing that is pretty impressive for a single player to accomplish and made an excellent and entertaining video (well-played Sir) describing and narrating same. EVE needs conflict, good guys, bad guys, guys in white hats, guys in black hats, guys in grey hats, etc. HTFU is certainly required in this particular forum, and really, for the NPSI community as well.

I hope in a few weeks we’re back to torpedoing PVE dudes in null sec as it gives me an opportunity to fly my Arazu very poorly.

@ Olmeca,
You mentioned something in the vid about FW missions and things you learned whilst doing them. Next vid please, I for one would enjoy hearing about that. Also, how about some solo hunting vids? I remember you made a few in the past and wonder if you plan on doing more in the future. This game needs more content-oriented media (vods, streams, blogs, podcasts, etc.)

My next project is an in-detail, advanced FW missions guide. Idk how fast I’ll be able to make it, but should be published between 1-3 months.

There is no right such as the right not to be offended.

PS: Your language against me here has been far more offensive than whatever I had in the video. Multiple posts.

Cool…I’m glad something raises the hair on the back of your neck.

This is terrific, I wanna see more \o/

^ congrats on getting the last word in champ, bet that gets your dick hard XD

gg Olmeca o7

Great job, Olmeca. I can’t say I have the time or sense of purpose for this kind of op, but your dedication to revenge is heart warming.

Look forward to more of your stuff!

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Plz link your rage post against world war bee, just let it happen and any number of potential slightly offensive names in eve.

Well don’t alla ahkbar all over the place and people won’t make fun of exploding jihadist.

I find it quite silly that 85% of the posts on this forum are talking about an image that appeared for literally only 13 seconds of a 13 minute video. Having read through the posts, I think that Ozob is just a salty moron, and should probably grow up and take his disagreement in game, or stop complaining.

Either way, impressive video. And I think it gives hope to the idea that eve isn’t too far gone to this blob everything mentality, and that you can still win with smaller scale higher intelligence.

P.S. Ozob, you should probably stop forum flaming about something completely off topic, you’re only showing your lack of intelligence.


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