Great video of last night's big fight in Hek

I post this here for all of those who live under a rock and/or don’t read reddit.
Also because it deserves to be mentioned here as well.

It’s actually fun and interesting to watch. The cameraguy, @F3ND1MUS, … o/
… does an amazing job showing the audience what’s going on.

Context can be found here …

… but because it’s reddit you’d not go there anyway, so …

This was one for the books indeed. Over 80 BILLION ISK was destroyed in an effort to save/destroy Hog Hitmen’s fortizar in Hek. Hog Hitmen, a know low-level pirating alliance decided to war-dec every major block level alliance as well as some smaller ones with the intention of ganking whomever wandered into Empire. Little did they know that there were alliances that also saw this as an opportunity to kick the ever loving sh*t out of them.

A week ago, their fortizar entered its final timer, and plans were drawn to rid Hek of their war HQ. I tried to coordinate with multiple alliances to see who wanted to dog-pile on this also knowing full well that they would drop most of their war-dec’s and try to single out one or two to obtain an advantage. Other alliances started to dec them, and in their frustration, they paid PIRAT, a well known…pirating corp :my face: to come defend…paid a LOT.

For some alliances, this was a turn off, but for others like Black Legion…, VINDICTIVE, and Intergalactic Space Hobos, this was an awesome opportunity to stir the pot as hard as we could, and bait out one of the most epic fights that’s ever been seen in empire, and has EVER occurred in Hek.

War-decs rapidly started dropping on Hogs list, and all that were left were a handful. Those still remaining were dec’d but PIRAT and their merry band of cohorts (must have cost them a small fortune to hire everyone). The timer ticked down, and with 24 hours remaining on the timer, Black Legion dec’d them back after successfully anchoring a Astra on grid with their fortizar. All week, we saw neutrals just GUTTING the fortizar of everything inside of it on neutral alts in bowheads and freighters, and the warden from PIRAT and co. was placed against us.

So let’s get to the meaty sh*t. The battlefield, quiet, covered with MTU’s and observers awaiting the upcoming battle showcased the fortizar that had only minutes remaining on its timer. In the background, Aezekiel of VINDICTIVE and MasterGlorfy of Hobos coordinated with me for the attack. VINDICTIVE fleeted a 60 man armor battleship fleet as well as Tornadoes as a secondary doctrine. Hobos in their Hurricane Fleet Issue fleet were in charge of clearing off the Nagas Hog Hitmen fielded as well as keeping the timer paused for as long as they could since they were only at war with Hog Hitmen. Finally, after 7 days in wait, the time had come.

VINDICTIVE laid in wait for the PIRAT battleship fleet to rear its ugly head as the BL raven fleet warped to 270km off the fortizar bashing it with cruise missiles to avoid the neut/ecm fit equipped to the fortizar. Hog Hitmen pinged around the field chasing the ravens picking off one or two before VINDICTIVE landed in force with their tornadoes, sniping off some of the nagas in each instance. PIRAT knew that battleships wouldn’t have any use in this sort of battle and reshipped to Hecates, chasing around the tornadoes and trying to slap off a few Ravens as well. Our raven fleet warped back to the astra with the hull at 50% knowing that we couldn’t battle the hecates, but Hobos could still maintain field advantage by applying damage to the fortizar since PIRAT was not at war with them. VINDICTIVE, now unable to chase the nagas in their tornadoes due to the hecates, reshipped to their primary doctrine (armor battleships) and warped to the forizar bringing the hull down to 25%.

PIRAT shipped back into their battleships and warped onto the VINDICTIVE fleet where the brawl ensued with only 8 minutes remaining on the repair timer. Black Legion quickly reshipped to hecates to battle off the naga fleet to aid vindictive in the massive amounts of damage laid upon them by the fleets. The Black Legion hecates did their job and chewed down handfuls of nagas thanks to the warp ins provided by John Whittaker. They soon met their demise and BL reshipped back to Ravens with only 5 minutes remaining. They assisted Vindictive in killing the PIRAT fleet before switching back to the fortizar that was quickly reaching the end of its repair timer. The nagas and PIRAT fleet laid waste to the VINDICTIVE fleet, and shortly thereafter the Ravens. With only three minutes remaining, VINDICTIVE reshipped to tornadoes, and BL to vexers with heavy drones. The Vexors dropped their drones on the field and burned away to avoid being shot by anything left on the field, and VINDI pinged killing whatever came into range. With only 2 minutes left on the timer, the fortizar exploded. It was fu*king EPIC! Locals and loot-snatchers quickly landed on field to snag what they could, and those going suspect were shot by the remaining fleets on the field.

This day marked one of the biggest battles in empire in years, and provided some of the most exciting content I have ever encountered playing this game since I started 12 years ago. Special shout-out to all those who came and battled with us in the destruction of the pigs fortizar, to PIRAT for amazing content, to :squeamish: hogs for giving us something to shoot at (even though you all talk more smack than I have ever seen and should grow up), to VINDICTIVE for making this explosion possible, and to HOBOS for keeping the field held down.[/quote]

With a post made by @Elise_Randolph adding more to it.


"Close to 90b down.

In highsec

Because some maniacs war dec’d 180 dudes to meme on a Halloween event."

Now that, ladies & gentlemen, is content!




Aside of occassional once per year big battle in null almost all the conflicts and destruction happens in highsec. Not in low, definitely not in null. There are few dead nullsecs where smaller alliances trying to took sectors from bigger but that is pretty much all that happens there.

Highsec is where you go looking for content…

Independent of it being a game or not,
Highsec is the socially most dynamic place to be.

Always has been and still would be, actually. This is because there are so ■■■■■■■ many individual people who are completely unaffiliated with each other. Everyone’s just doing his business and, like in big cities, no one really cares about each other. The chances for chaos (or: disruption of the mediocre “every day business”) caused by single individuals, or single individuals who grow a group of likeminded people, are - or were - high.

This is completely different to nullsec, where the vast majority of people live on “islands” around “family and friends”. The chances of “chaos” (as defined above) are low, because everyone needs to care about everyone else “on his island” and they all follow certain social rules of behaviour.

Highsec actually has always been that way until CCP “nerfed” a whole branch of social interactions, reducing the amount of possible “chaos” within the norm they wanted to force everyone into. It was part of their “expanding the fanbase” strategy, which - as we all know - failed gloriously.

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