Blackhogs Alliance Declares war on underskilled PvE scrub

So. as the last active member of a dead corp. I got wardecced by Blackhogs after falling for an isk doubling scam from one of their members.

The Alt-Knights were long gone before hand and steve bosses of the clown shoe crew threatened to wardec me if I didn’t pay him 400 million isk from the corp wallet. [Which was empty to begin with and I was faking about the wealth as I got greedy and stupid at the opportunity to use my own isk wallet to grow my wealth]

So now. after securing what little assets I own. I’ve already won.

I believe his words were “We will destroy everything you own. You’ll never be able to undock. have you seen our war history? We will destroy you.”

My response is. “Yes and?”

As a fellow looking to try out station trading, maybe industry, or whatever. I say good job to you all. I have long been looking for an opportunity to learn the basics of PvP with minimal risks to myself. So please. Do continue. Rookie ships don’t cost me isk after all.

Should anyone be interested in targeting them as thanks to mr. ‘isk or I wardec’ I have also achieved my dream of trolling not one corp but an entire alliance with great PvP skills. I welcome you to join in on either side. I will be fighting as one pilot against all or as a troll in local or simply go play other games i’ve been neglecting (warframe sucks you in man!).

I currently reside in the 0.5 security Hek system in minmattar space at the boundless creation factory.

I welcome you oh mighty alliance. So please, do waste your time, effort, and resources on I who shall fly rookie ships into the jaws of your multi million if not billion isk warship fleets which are obviously necessary to fight my clearly overpowered and dangerous vessels.

I have nothing to lose.

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Known units located and currently active

Steve Bosses
Mike Ro Phone

Vessels confirmed to be Battlecruisers with drone support.

lol nice… I feel this way about lazerhacks… lol silly how one joke can be taken the wrong way and from there out you are “consistently retarded” yet they so angry. seems like your group there is pretty pissed off too… lol good for you man! tell em where they can have it!


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