PvP - Wardec & piracy -

We are members of one of the finest bloping alliances in New Eden with the KB to back the claim.

We are looking for Pilots interested in all aspects of PvP and industry between fights. However we are also capable of providing Piracy operations and merc contracts for added cash opportunities.
Apart from that we own sov in the richest explo locations in the game.

We operate in Deklen and are members of Rekking Crew.

  • Wardecs
  • Piracy
  • Very few Blues
  • NRDS connections
  • Merc Contracts
  • Small gang roams
  • Large scale fleets

We are guaranteed to make your time in eve worth your plex. Many of our veterans are happy to provide you detailed guides on how to make Enough isk to plex multiple accounts in your chosen field.

Send me an Ingame mail for more info or send us an application and we’ll contact you!

  • Bjorn Broadside

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