PyEveLiveDPS (PELD) v2.3.0 - Fleet Mode now available

If you don’t know what PELD is, you can read about it here.

Download PELD v2.3.0

This new release is primarily focused on ‘Fleet Mode’ which sends your combat statistics to your FC so they can see all the combat metrics of their fleet in real-time. When used, the FC sees something like this:

Having these statistics will allow FCs to make more informed decisions for their fleet like who to primary, who isn’t keeping up with their logi chains, who isn’t engaging the right targets, etc.

This is all facilitated by a new website for PELD:
Visit the FAQ or Help pages on the site for more information on how to use it, what data is stored, etc.

Just like PELD, the website is open source. You can view the source here. There are also instructions on that github for groups to deploy their own webserver to use with PELD’s fleet mode if you don’t trust the public site.

If you encounter issues with the new release of PELD, please post them here or reply to this thread with your issue. If you are having an issue with the website, post your issues here instead.

If you would like more features on the site, let me know!

ThIs is amazing !!!

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