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Can someone explain this damage dropoff?

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Has anyone suggested an android version of Pyfa?

Always thought that would be a cool toy to have on a Tablet or Smartphone when away from pc and have a fit idea.

I was able to affect it most with missile bombardment, so think that might be the major driver, really kicks in with last increase from 4 to 5 … in pyfa.

New update is out:
Had to make windows packages 64-bit only to work around false anti-virus alerts, but as EVE is 64-bit only too, so I hope it won’t cause much outcry.

Incorrect, only imperial navy modified noble gives you both.

Is it still the issue? There were outages with ESI, which might result in this behavior. Or maybe you just stumble into unintuitive UI: you need to add character 1st, then log in and connect it with ingame character. It sucks but it was coded this way and changing it is :effort: which can be applied elsewhere.

Pyfa has code in place to memorize which monitor it was running on and save window geometry. It is entirely possible that it doesn’t work if you turn displays off/on between runs. It seems to save that you launched pyfa on 1st monitor, and it tries to restore it on 1st monitor (which is your TV after you turn it on). I do not know if there is a way to save more data about monitors to realize that it attempts to open on the wrong one, and just use some “default” display in this case.

I think should be fixed in the latest release.

It’s “missile falloff”. Refer to this article:


v2.16.3 I note this still has not been fixed, but as said previously, i am not sure if it matters.

since this update pyfa refuses to launch. I’ve tried reinstalling but that didn’t help.

Going back to the previous version solved this.

Quite likely it’s this issue:
I am looking into a way to fix it.

This is not a pyfa bug (and quite likely not a bug at all). CCP has 2 separate attributes defined on this item, scanStrengthBonus and scanStrengthBonusModule, which have the same “display name”.


I don’t think that turning displays off or on is part of the problem, because it also happens on my work computer where I have two identical monitors, both of them always being turned on. I have tried both switching connections on the graphics card so that the monitor on the left is displayed as “1” in Windows and the one on the right as “2” and setting the monitor on the right as main display, but Pyfa is still launching on the monitor on the right.

Here’s more info on my situation:

OS build : Win10 18363.657
Country: Netherlands
language: English

What is your “format” setting in Control Panel’s regional settings?

Change to English (US) as temporary workaround, if you wish. Will be fixed in next release (which i will try to put out tomorrow).


Thanks. And an overall thank you for putting in the time and effort to make and maintain this super important app.


The “Graphs” button is greyed out in 2.17.2 (and 2.17.0), it works fine in 2.16.3

Some questions:

  • Is there a way to get the Anti-Small Craft Tackle of space superiority fighters to project onto other ships + show up in damage graphs?
  • How is drone tracking computed such that the value displayed in the Drones pane is radically different from the attribute window? For example: on an unbonused ship w/ L0 skills and no implants, Hobgoblin I has a turret tracking score of 1.81 in the attribute window but shows 2.9k in the drone pane.
  • @Jezs thanks for pointing out the “missile falloff” think from a few posts above - that had puzzled me for a long time now. Just to be clear you just averaged the missile damage to 50% at that edge tick correct?