QoL improvement : Warp Field Manual Control skill , aka ping gate skill

Warp Field Manual Control

Allows pilots to manually collapse the ship warp field within 100km , 200km, 300km, 400km, or 500km of destination. This differs from the “warp to” feature in that the final position is randomly any position at that distance from destination.

This is equivalent to what pilots colloquially call as “pings” around gates. Except this reduce the need for bookmarks.

  • Adds new menu option below “warp to” , as “ping to”
  • Allow fleet, wing, and squad commanders bring subordinates to pings.
  • Allows for random chance to avoid drag bubbles, with higher skill giving a higher probability.
  • Each skill level increases ping distance by +100km

This has numerous negative repercussions for PVP - it’s hardly a “QoL improvement”. This is best done manually.


As tedious as it might be to create all those BMs, it does show great tactical awareness and commitment to those that do. Removing that just makes things easier and less interesting IMO.

In warfare, scouting the terrain of a potential battlefield is of great importance as it greatly aided planning. Let’s not take that away from EvE…


So, you’re basically wanting to be able to make risk-free safe gate bookmarks in systems that you haven’t scouted yet…


Not really, they still can’t warp offline from the gate so are vulnerable to bubbles.
Let’s be honest, it is very easy to gate camp, it just requires a second screen so you can do something else and not fall asleep.
Making it a bit easier for non interceptors to get around isn’t a bad thing.

Hilariously, while I understand the attempted point OP is trying to make, he’s forgetting that warp bubbles stop and drag within 500km, so it wouldn’t really matter.


It could matter with drag bubbles set 200km past a gate to give an example.
But yeah, it’s not a freebie total safety, but it does slightly enlarge tools for larger roaming ships. We have a current situation where very small ships roam pretty safely, larger ships are highly unsafe. A step closer isn’t bad.

Yeah, but that is also one of things that helps balance all the ship sizes. Moreover, it lowers the skill ceiling, and provides the biggest benefit to the lazy and impatient. So, I’m leaning towards no.

3 pros and 7 cons is not normally balanced. And there in lies part of the problem, that the ship classes are not balanced, and the larger subcaps need relative buffs.

Well, the number count of advantages doesn’t tell the whole story. For example, I would probably never pick an assault frigate over a HAC for PvE if it weren’t for gated content. And they’re even a better choice since the warp speed buff to cruisers, BC’s, and BS’s.

Sure, but even CCP have gone on record previously stating that larger subcaps are in a poor place compared to smaller ones.
And there hasn’t been anything to really change that, the resist nerf actually helps small ships more as well so if anything the balance might even be more in the small ship favour than before. (though yes, it hurts caps a lot as well).

it isnt. There is a huge difference between the two: if you “warp to 500” and someone else does the same - they will land on top of you. With proper pings opponent will have to scan you down or burn to you because there is no (shouldn’t be) direct line between gate, your “ping” and any celestial.

This is a big NO. if you are lazy to try and avoid bubbles (for example, by warping from celestials) then why should RNG help you at all?

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  1. A few replies here missed the my description about “final position is randomly any position at that distance from destination.”

So two ships picking the same distance with this skill has a small chance of meeting - one could be 500km left of the gate, one could be 500km to the right of the game, or any point on a spheric surface with that radius.

  1. This would drive consumption of larger mobile warp disruptors as drag bubbles. Since current mechanic allow a small drag work as well as a big one, there’s no need to use a big one. With this feature, bigger bubbles will see more utilization, industrialists get to make more money building larger bubbles.

OP AF as a “ping” measure: no-skill free handholding that has no place in NS. It will also be disruptive AF for possible fleet/gang warps.

This has nothing to do with QoL, you are just lazy.

very stretched and weak reasoning. Large bubbles are already more effective for dragging/stopping as they cover larger warp-in angle to the gate so you need less of them to block it completely. They are also harder to destroy.

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