QOL: Lock characters to avoid accidental Logins

Could it be possible to add a “lock character” mechanic in the character selection screen to avoid accidental logins of incorrect characters.

Something simple like “right click lock/unlock” character.

Or you could just learn from your mistake and pay more attention?

You understand that you’re the one responsible when this happens, right?

on occation lag in the client causes the click to register on incorrect characters, so no that is not the case, and I do learn from them.

How does that work?

You click on one character (the “play” button, i guess), move the mouse over to a different character and it then registers a click? That’s not how this works. When you click the mouse, the mouse sends all its data to the CPU causing an interrupt to occur. That interrupt is being translated into an event containing the position of the cursor when you clicked, which is forwarded to the program.

Okay … so, assuming that program is written in a rather stupid way (it’s Qt, so … uh …) and does not actually parse the mouse coordinates of when the click happened, it’d still be your fault for knowing that this might happen and moving your mouse over a different character … because these mouse positions don’t just change randomly, you’d have to move your mouse over a different character for that click to be parsed as somewhere else than it occured.

I’ve tried reproducing this. Can’t get it to work. I also don’t experience any lag of some sorts (further indicating the problem is on your side somehow) and I’ve made sure to check if the program works through the event when the finger hits the button instead of when the finger goes up.

These are two seperate events both automatically available to programs and they may choose to ignore them or not.

Looking at the amount of threads about this problem (one.),
why is it so hard to consider that its root might be on your side?

Inb4 someone jumping in declaring he has the same problem, of course,
which would be totally believable after 10h of silence.

I think the real question is: What causes this lag you speak of?

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