QSNA Combat Log Analyzer

One more old tool got moved online after 9 years of living as standalone windows app which was having some issues and no source code :slight_smile:

So, maybe you are an FC and you want to see how much damage your ships take against that 100 Talwar noob fleet so you can plan logistics accordingly. Maybe you are interested in how much sig radius plays into things when being shot by 50 CFI’s and want to compare logs from 2 different players who had different sig

Maybe you are an PVEr and once again there is that dude with his blaster kronos claiming his blasters are better than your rails in L4 missions… Maybe you want to see how much damage you actually take in Abyss to see if you can remove some tank and add some gank.

Well, now you can!

Quantum Anomaly is an quick log analyzer that you can load your combat log into and get some numbers and even a graph out.

Few images example
1 minute video example

Please bear in mind this is result of 8 hours of coding and might be slightly unstable…


  • loads combat logs from eve online and displays:
    • hit chance (both outgoing and incoming)
    • highest alpha shot, for maximum ep*n boasting
    • average damage per shot
    • splits between main guns and drones
    • filtering against target
    • gives simple graph output
    • scoping works on the slider below the info boxes / above graph
    • you can also group engagements based on time between 2 combat events and then apply over the graph by dropdowns above the graph
    • everything is displayed in HP, this is due to fact that I do not have information from log about your ammo, targets resist, sig radius, speed, angle, etc
    • everything runs in browser, so on your computers browser, nothing is saved / transferred to QSNA servers

Known bugs:

  • everything goes to sh**e sooner or later if you load logs bigger than 3-4mb
  • everything goes to sh**e sooner if you load logs bigger than 5-8mb
    • basically just becomes slow to move the scope of the log, some improvements were done, but still looking into optimizing this.

Are the bugs gonna be fixed? Eh… maybe… not much I can do at this point, but I might look into optimizing the code if the tool usage picks up…

Well, thx to my better half for pointing out where the error is, I managed to improve the stability and performance by several orders of magnitude… It will still take a while to redraw graph on logs over 5MB, but it should not timeout and feel super sluggish.

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Added video example

Added few performance fixes for large logs!

Added dropdown to select resolution and to group engagements