QSNA Loyalty Store Previewer

QSNA has made public one more tool, LP store viewer: Quantum Anomaly

and it’s open for feedback


  • Relatively fast
  • Displays ISK and LP costs for all items in given corporation
  • Displays all the extra required items needed to be converted or built
    • Displays pricing of those items, including total cost and per unit cost, both buy and sell orders
    • Displays warning if there isn’t enough items on the market right now to fill the order
    • [PLANNED, few weeks+] Add daily trade volumes for given items
  • Displays total expense you need to put up front
  • Supports “cart mode” where you can add multiple instances of same or different items and get itemized list of materials needed along with cost adjusted for quantities
  • Income column shows total ISK you will get once you sell things
  • ISK / LP conversions
  • and more misc. things

Some screenshots:

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Updated with some screenshots and added cart feature

Tools that continue to impress :slight_smile: Good work!

As mentioned before, first I make something public, then I wait for all the people to find bugs and then I start using it myself :slight_smile:

So far, 3 bugs were found, reported and fixed :smiley:

I believe CCP does the same with EVE Online :smiling_imp: