Quale Imperium- HS/LS/NS Indy and PVP

Quale Imperium is looking to recruit New, Old and Returning players

What we offer

-Low-Sec and Null-Sec small to medium scale PVP
-Null-Sec Ice and mining
-Null-Sec fleet roams
-Low-Sec fleet Roams
-WH day Trips
-Hi-Sec mining for moons and ice
-Ore and ice buy back at 90% of Jita
-Daily moon mining
-Alpha clone friendly
-Teach solo flying for PVP
-Teaching logi (healz) and fleet mechanics.
-Teaching WH navigation and resourcing
-Mature yet fun discord members
-Play the game your way to have fun
-Hi-Sec Industry and ship construction


With Quale Imperium you get the freedom to play the game YOUR way, with ZERO time commitments. We have knowledgeable members willing to answer all your questions and help you grow. Our alliance leaders understand members have family, jobs, and real life that will always take priority over this game. Our goal is to make this game fun and enjoyable for you. It is not to create a second job. A level 3 Discord server is available upon request for all members. Please come kick back and hang out with us!