Question about transfering

Hi all,

Do i need to declare if i am transfering from my account to a new account also my own ?
Does my char have to drop corp in the above instance ?

Thanks for any answers !

No, only required if you’re selling a character via the Character Bazaar here on forums.

A char does need to be in a npc corp, it will not transfer in a player corp. As far as declaring i dont recall ever seeing anyone declaring when moving. But it is your $20 to spend

I kinda wonder if it’s against the rules to declare that you’re selling the character in a private sale, but just transferring it to another of your accounts. Might be a clever way to remove some of the heat on your name. “Nah bro I’m not that Awoxy McAwoxface that stole all your ■■■■, I just bought this char and didn’t know his history.”

Good point

@ISD_Traindriver wanna weigh in?

The Character Bazaar forum is only supposed to cover character sales and the GameMasters usually look at the post before the transfer is initiated as far as I know.

If you transfer a character from one of your own accounts to another of your own accounts, they will of course also see this.

I think the approach Dark Lord Trump brought up is quite good - if you want to disguise your identity, that could be a good idea, even if I think the chars can always be linked if someone has the right Intel :wink:

Thanks all its really good info @ISD_Traindriver you can close this <3

Closed due a kind request of the Op. :wink: