[QUESTION] Looking for a Dutch clan

Last time I played was in Jan 2016, got addicted while a friend of mine was playing. And started mining.
As many of you experienced, its boring like ####. I’m new and scared to try things out, so now trying the career agent mission tutorials. Blowing up ratts is a nice way to play some time. But sometimes I just like to stare at rocks while mining. I know many of you guys ask what is the best route to play EVE, but I guess there isn’t a tutorial guide since even is so vast en big. Being the bad guy can be fun, but I’m no way cunning enough to be a really nasty one. Its also not my nature. So there goes that. I just want to have fun and I’m planning to stay longer as well. A few hours a day should be possible.
I’m also looking into Fraction Warfare, if that’s even possible with an alpha account. I know some of you earn their Omega with hauling billions of ISK’s but I want to figure things out before I might go for a subscription.

Since solo playing isn’t the way to go in EVE I’m looking for a set of Dutch brainiacs where I can have fun and speak in my language earn some ISK’s and level up slowly. But if there isn’t any, and you like the stuff I typed above just email me here, so I can check stuff out.

What can i do for you?

  • Im a 39 year old dad, living in Maastricht having a blast launching eve back up.
  • im a photographer, and have a son and beautiful wife. My time can be somewhat limited.
  • I 'm willing to play for 1 or 2 hours a day depending on my schedule. Work or Private.
  • As of now I created a second account (this one) to explore some more of EVE. And get back on track.
  • Im humorous, fun, and willing to help anywhere i can.
  • You can have my respect, but treat me likewise.
  • I can say I’m new to this all, so help me god, I might @)*#^@# some ■■■■ up, but it’s not on purpose.
  • Last on a personal note, but i have to say it: I have ADHD. Yes im crazy and i like it!
  • 3 months back, i had a heavy car accident which resulted in a whiplash. It’s possible that i might have to rest now and then. Again, im saying this because i want to be honest from the beginning.

Let’s have some fun! :star_struck:

Greetings Geno.

P.S. if this is not in the right section, I’m very sorry but I’m way too lazy to read (at this time)all the damn rules. First goal is to have fun, second is asking noob questions. Somewhere at the bottom comes following rules. Sorry that’s just who I am. Deal with it!

Edit: Grammar mistakes // more details

You won’t last long then with our master overload @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode if you don’t take following rules that important.

Best to move your thread over to the correct space, the corp recruitment parts of the forum.

Also, welkom in EVE, ik hoop dat je een leuke corp vindt. Succes met de zoektocht.

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Hi, thanks for the reply, I’ll try to move this to the right section. Offcourse im following the rules, but most rules can be accomplished by using your head. Seeing Dutch reactions, is there a dutch subforum by any chance?

Cheers Geno

There’s no dutch subsection.

Ah too bad! Is it allowed to make one? Later on maybe? Doesn’t matter too much if it’s not allowed though. Since I can speak and write fairly good English.

I’ll look into it, but make no promises.

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Its nice to hear you want to consider it! Thanks in advance!

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Hey Geno
If you are still looking i know of 2 that mught be recruiting.
There is the high sec: gentse waterzooi
And the nullsec: orde van oranje nassau
Ill see to find links to em
[WTRZJ] Gentse Waterzooi, Nederlandstalige Indy High Sec Corp gentse waterzooi

[NL-BE] Nederlandse en Vlaamse corporatie zoekt leden (Dutch Corporation) orde van oranje nassau

En veel geluk :wink:


Gentse Waterzooi, geweldige naam ook!

Gentse Waterzooi, what a grait name!

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Ja idd leuke naam maar vind het gerecht niet zo lekker :yum:. Hopelijk vind je een goede groep die je kan helpen.

Indeed but dont really like the dish itself . Hopefully ull find a good group that can help.

Tnx for the advertising!

Depends on how you cook it! :slight_smile:

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Evenso never been a real fan of it.
But ill blame it thats because im not from gent :wink:.
Do love shopping there but thats it xD
And also found out when i started playin eve to be able to keep playing u need a group to make u feel ‘at home’ more fun to play then.
And came acros them so was thinking… Why not help a fellow Dutch talking player?

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