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Since Minmatar is celebrating Liberation Day, I started looking to see just exactly how long they’ve been celebrating it. I looked at various resources but couldn’t find an exact time frame of when they actually became liberated. From what I read, they were enslaved for around 700 yrs or so and then The Great Rebellion happened in BYC 20, then after that for a few years they had some major battles and I think the last major battle was BYC 15.

I’m probably mistaken, I’ve been racking my brain, it’s late, I’m tired and my google fu isn’t working right. So I figured I’d ask here and hopefully somebody can answer my questions. And yes I know a lot of Minmatar are still enslaved. Anyway…

How long were the Minmatar actually enslaved before they became Liberated?
What is the starting and ending dates of their enslavement?
When did the first Liberation Day happen, specifically the BYC or YC date?
How many years have Minmatar been celebrating Liberation Day?

That’s about it for now, thanks for looking into this…

According to world news this is the “143rd anniversary of the start of the Great Rebellion in BYC20”. It does not say when they started celebrating it.

The Day of Darkness was AD 22480 and the great Rebellion 23216, giving us a total of 736 years of Amarr occupation.


Thanks for the reply.

Soo, the Day Of Darkness scattered The Seven Tribes Of Matar and brought 736 years of subjugation and enslavement to the Matari race.

Yeah I figured The Great Rebellion happened 143 years ago. I guess that could be viewed as Liberation Day.

However according to Lore, the Great Rebellion Of BYC20 continued until after the Battle Of Fort Kavad in BYC17. Wouldn’t that be the actual Day Of Liberation since there was no longer a threat of the rebellion being quelled by the Amarr?

Anyway, thanks again for the reply. I just needed to verify some info so I can finalize my entries for the Liberation Day Propaganda Contest.

The Minmatar Republic was actually formed and secured after the Battle Of Fort Kavad in BYC17 by four of the Seven Tribes Of Matar - Sebiestor, Krusual, Brutor and Vherokior. Over time, the other three Tribes - Nefantar, Starkmanir and Thukker rejoined them and finally in YC111, all Seven Tribes Of Matar were reunited.


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