Which Tribe won the Liberation Day and gets that station in Pator?

I’m curious and I can’t find news about this anywhere. I’m rooting for the tribe I think are the underdogs, the Starkmanir.

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During your upcoming ‘Foundation Day’ I will be foregoing the festivities to unleash Minmatar justice on all the gutless Amarrian dopes hoping for the blessings of a foolish monarch and a non-existent god.


keep that rhetoric with other fanatic roleplayer

CCP posted info about that in this thread here…

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I’m going to evemail you every kill. You can use the info to avoid my hunting grounds and make brave excuses about how your theocratic responsibilities keep you docked…


Thanks, I searched a bit and couldn’t find it.

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Allow me to introduce you to the Fiction Portal.

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Of course I won’t

Okay, here’s my address:
Tonguelashing Way, 56
Sarumville 90210
Planet Romi

Why would I do that? You know damn well that losing ships is the only viable playstyle.

Don’t know about brave but I do serve at my local temple as a Temple Maid and as such it is my duty to supervise the dock’s Minmatar Cleaning Crew. I take that job very seriously so you know I don’t spare the whip on those lazy slaves… Now get to work!! Slave!!

And here come the credit card offers… Muahahahaaaaaaaahaaaa¡!!!¡!!!¡!!!¡!!

CCP will likely have forgetten about this already in their right to exercise the corporate memory of a gold fish.

Or or or, it’s on the CCP stream today.

They’re out of luck with me :sweat_smile:

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