For Liberation Day, The Seven Tribes of the Minmatar Republic


I guess here is as good a place for some information on the various parade sites that contain the ships you need to fire fireworks at, and Eternal Flame, for Liberation Day skill point challenges. I will update this as I get the information.

System – Target Titan (ship) (Large collideable object)

Eram – RFS Karin Midular
Pator – RFS Drupar Maak also Eternal Flame
Hek – RFS Oskla Shakim
Altrinur – RFS Jormal Kehok
Teonusude – RFS Shara Osali
Rens – RFS Maiori Kul-Brutor
Hjoramold – RFS Brecin Utulf

Any information anyone can provide to help me complete the chart will be most welcome.

Update: Perhaps this information has no value. Seems I was looking at things wrong. For one, I thought the Tribe you supported determined the systems you needed to go to. That seems to be untrue. One would think certain tribes are based in certain systems, but this also seems to be untrue.

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no its the sp daily is going to be like the FN day, we have to go to each location to ping one of the ships when it says.

what gets me is it says the winning tribe gets control of a new faction and the players mentioned, 1 we know it wont be evenly distributed, 2 people will online their alts all for 1 tribe to farm as many points as possible so theyll have the honors. there needed to be some sort of balancing system. if we and alts all go for 1 tribe, no other tribe is going to get the points and thus be a default win for said majority tribe.

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