Question regarding character transfer

Not sure where else to put this question. But besides being in a npc corp. Does the character needs to be docked or can the character be in space aswell? Because I’m living in a wormhole I would not want to be docked somewhere outside the wormhole during the transfer.

And another question:
Currently i have three omega accounts but I’m thinking about dropping this account back to alpha and transfer a pilot from it to my main account (has a free slot). This character however is ceo of a corp with 18 members and the corp is currently updated to be able to hold 40 members. Would this not cause any issues when the account becomes alpha?

The skills are only checked when the member limit is updated. Some people offer a service that they update the limit to maximum possible for a fee with their character that has the relevant skills fully trained and the limit stays until you update it again.

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What about being undocked while transfering? Is that possible?

No idea about that that’s why I didn’t say anything in regards as the most I could do is speculate. You could also ask in a support ticket that would be a guaranteed accurate answer.

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