R E F U G E E S Alliance Recruiting Like minded Corps

R E F U G E E S are looking for more corporations to join our growing ranks

Currently recruiting corps for our AID(Alliance Industry Division) and AMD(Alliance Military Division)

AID Corps will be involved with PI, Manufacturing and Mining in two locations WH space and Hi sec, plus Low Sec coming soon

AMD Corps will be expected to protect alliance assets in wormholes and k-space respectively.

We support low sec operations, Null sec roams, Wormhole eviction and defense, Small fleets to gigantic fleets. Our biggest fleet so far has exceeded 300 pilots in a wormhole defense operation

Alliance fees are currently in a two tier system.

Those that wish to use Alliance assets in WH’s and hi sec will be charged a “Toon Tax” of 10million isk per month per active corporation member.

Those that contribute directly to the growth of the alliance through PI, isk or some other means will only be charged 2 million isk per month.

To enquire, ingame myself or Elim Prax, alternatively join our ingame channel R E F U G E E S or jump onto our Discord channel https://discord.gg/P9zFDf

Fly Safe - Even in a Wormhole there is refuge

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