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Retrograde Orbit

Our Discord
Our Charter
Public In-game Channel: Retrograde

Retrograde Orbit is an English speaking PvP focused corporation living in low class (C1-C3) wormhole space. We are based in the EU and US time zones. We focus on providing a friendly and constructive environment that encourages learning about the game, and blowing up (other people’s) space ships.

Our corporation differentiates ourselves with our core philosophical tenants. These are a PvP focus, personal responsibility, respect for fellow pilots, and a desire to learn. You can read more about our philosophy in our charter.

What you can expect from Retrograde Orbit

  1. A friendly organization free of bitter people and stale content
  2. An environment that encourages learning about the game
  3. Lots of PvP opportunities
  4. A community of other individuals with the same values
  5. A (physical) place to call home in the game

What we expect of our members:

  1. Upholding Retrograde Orbit’s core philosophy
  2. Being an active member of the community
  3. A desire to learn about EVE, and blow up some space ships. Preferably someone else’s space ships
  4. Be present in our wormhole
  5. Discord, and a microphone

Pilot Requirements

While we do not have hard requirements for certain previous in-game experience or skill points, living in a wormhole is not easy living. We think potential applicants should meet some of the following:

  1. Have completed the in-game tutorial if you are a totally new pilot. We also recommend completing the Sisters of EVE epic arc if you are a new player.
  2. Be capable of operating a fully fit tech 1 cruiser

While not a requirement, previous experience with wormholes or PvP content of any variety is generally good to have.

In addition, prospective pilots will need to supply a full ESI to a recruiter to review.

Interested in joining us?

We do not take cold applications, so join our public channel in-game, Retrograde. There you can speak to a recruiter or ask questions about the corporation.

Bumping thread for visibility.

Some species of pacific salmon can swim for upwards of 5000 Miles from the northwest coast of the United States and have been found as far as Japan and Kamchatka in Russia.
We know this to be true because some salmon raised in fish hatcheries are implanted with small coded wire tags ~1mm in length which have a serial number unique to that fish. These fish mainly navigate back with their sense of smell. Here at Retrograde we won’t implant tags in you, but we can teach you to make your way to and from our home in a smart manner. Come join us if you want to hunt and pvp with reasonable pilots.

Hey there! Looking to shoot at ships and blow up things? Not sure how to do this? Come to Retrograde where we can show you how much fun space violence can be!

Fun thing I learned recently, you can bookmark some things like structures from the D-scan menu, you can also warp to them from the D-scan menu. Useful if you are trying to warp to a specific citadel you see on scan, but can’t find quickly in space. Also, pretty sure this doesn’t work on towers.

Another gimmick I’ve learned from playing this game. If you are short on isk on the Singularity test server, you can generate isk by doing insurance fraud. Get in the biggest hull you can, insure it, and then have someone destroy your ship. Instant isk to fund your Singularity testing.

For some of us returning pilots post citadels, did you know that you can jump clone to clones in a citadel without incurring a jump clone timer? As long as you are jumping to a clone in a citadel with a clone bay and an installed clone that you are currently in. Makes it easy to swap between training pods and blank combat pods.

Overheating is a weird system. There is a lot to learn about the science of overheating, but one general thing you should keep in mind when fitting a ship is proximity of the modules. When you overheat a module, it is most likely to damage itself, and modules directly next to it. You can strategically space out your mids and lows so that the mods adjacent to those you plan to overheat are less valuable mods. So if you have an armor repairer in your lows, place it next to your nanofiber instead of your damage control. Think about this especially when you might overheat more than one mod in a rack. Maybe don’t place your prop mod and tackle mods directly next to each other if you can help it.

We have updated the initial post to indicate that we do not take cold applications to the corp in game. We require an interview, or at least a brief conversation before we will consider an application.

D-scan shortcuts are very helpful for scanning in a hurry if you are trying to find a target. If you just want to spam D-scan, the V hotkey is great. But you can also rapidly directional scan from the signature menu by holding V and clicking the anom you want to scan on the scanner probe menu. If you have the d-scan set towards a narrower cone, this will snap your camera to that anom and d-scan in. Very useful for quickly scanning anoms in system, or if you can’t seem to find the anom icon in space.

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