Radical improvement to mining: the audible alert module

I think that was obvious. Mine matches actual game designers as well as those who advise on game design.

The game does not encourage AFK mining.

I’m afraid it does, proven by 100%(?) of miners going AFK or semi-AFK.

Your claim that PvP needs a boost would almost be believed, if you weren’t supporting an idea specifically designed to prevent PvP.

The game isn’t worth playing without PvP. Mining is dull as dishwater. PvE is dull after a few so what’s the point if you’re not funding your PvP escapades?

Of course I want PvP to be enjoyable. Because there’s no point playing otherwise.

Yet the PvP in this game mostly sucks. Anything with more than 6 ships a side, it’s “shoot this one until its dead” then “shoot this one”. You might as well be a NPC or bot…

Even small gang is mostly creeping up on some dude solo PvEing. But hey, at least they fight back.

I think it would all be much better without cloaks, without cynos and without Local.

Source requested.

Source requested.

Source for which?

For why the game would be better if miners weren’t AFK during ganks??

Or for why a huge chunk of the game shouldn’t be boring and stressful??

You have a source for this? Most of my money has been made through gas mining, and I’m never AFK, so your point is moot. And do you have documented evidence that your and CCP’s opinions are in line, as in quotes saying “You know, that guy Loki has such good ideas, it’s amazing how much we agree with him!”

If someone wants to AFK mine, there should be severe penalties.

It hurt the guy’s feelings in the Orca that I bumped for 3 hours…

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If someone wants to AFK mine, there should be severe penalties.

But why?

Quoting from the top post:

"Some people don’t like the idea of others benefitting whilst AFK. To them I say “Then delete mining from the game. Also delete PI and markets whilst you’re at it. They’re all AFK activities.”

The only time AFK matters is when it damages gameplay for other players"

I mined for 5 years, and never AFKd after my only hulk gank. Your premise that 100% of miners AFK is blatantly false. This leads me to believe that every single other “fact” you’ve presented, but failed utterly in proving, are also false.

Have a good day, and please stop trying to further ruin EvE.

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Unfortunately, those who want to make EvE into Carebear Wonderland are quite serious.

For some irrational reason, they truly do desire to destroy a wonderfully challenging game. Pretty sure it’s because they still don’t meet the barrier for entry, even though CCP has dumbed EvE down to where it’s mostly unrecognizable from the game I loved.

Your premise that 100% of miners AFK is blatantly false.

Shame for you I never said it. You fixate on this strawman because you can’t explain why there should be extreme penalty for miners avoiding boredom and going AFK.

I posted about how Local should be removed here:

It’s completely irrelevant of course but there are 3 ad hominem attacks on me since I last posted.

Still no counterarguments from anyone.

Now lets put your “statement” to the test. You still assume that the majority of miners are afk. Regardless of evdience to the contrary. You are asking for a device which already exists in the game and you are free to choose to ignore or pay attention to the sound effects you are asking for a module to be created to do.

You also are asking automation for D-scan to be added to the game.

The root cause of the problem you determined is AFKing. The solution is to not afk. This is not a solution to you and you request that a device to make it easier for you to be MORE afk be created.

Want to play facts? I’ll bring yours to the table for you.

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So are you admitting you were wrong with your interpretation of “100%(?)”?

The root cause of the problem you determined is AFKing.

Wrong again. The inevitable boredom of mining for ~4 hours and being absent during ganking are the main causes.

You also are asking automation for D-scan to be added to the game.

Wrong again and yet another ad hominem. Following others’ suggestions that it be added to the game, I said that Local should be removed entirely from 0.0 and LS to balance it.

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I am confirming your interpretation of “100%(?)” is so drastically off that you don’t even know what the real percentage is.

Eve online does not dictate that you must be bored for 4 hours or not. That is your decision. It also does not mandate that you be at keyboard (which is what Away From Keyboard means) during, before, after, or even beyond undocking. Those decisions are yours to make and you will have to deal with the consequences of your choices. It is not my responsibility to make sure you activate defensive modules or have a chance of running away when a fight happens. That is entirely on your head.

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It is increasingly amusing that I am Asked to close down a complete legal thread. As mentioned earlier who knows how many posts now, Anyone can Suggest anything for EVE As long as it is EVE related. This post is.

8 Posts have been removed for Off topic, and some posts edited. Those edited had a mix of off topic and valued information in them, so in an effort to not delete information that is valuable, they were edited and off topic correspondence was removed.

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You deleted the automation request part but left the denial of the automation request…
Guess I’ll return it.

Still no counterarguments. It needn’t have any effect on the market as yield can simply be changed to compensate.

The suggestion I posted earlier makes this one more awkward. I didn’t receive much feedback on that but it’s a suggestion that benefits more players.

Though I’m no fan of this module. I love the name and hope it makes it to the game. AFK Module I A.K.A Another Free Kill. What would you do with an audible alert? Warp off to grab a combat vessel and come back to do battle with concord?
Here’s an idea: Make the module give you criminal status and immune to live fire but you are forced to pick a ship to do hono(u)rable space battle in should someone find you while using this module. Ship size must be equal to the mining vessel you are caught in. Further details can be hashed out once I know you are onbored.

I think all mining lasers/strip miners should stop after every cycle and move to a random slot after every cycle so they can’t be botted :slight_smile: (and then we can have the audible alert thing)

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