Raining Moon Excavations / Looking For Newbros and old bros

PvE focused HS corp that seeks others looking to gain the benefits of an indy corp and aid in its defense.

If you are interested in Missions, Ratting, Combat Sites, or Mining and Industry then apply to RAMEX

or Join “RAMEX (Public)” to speak to one of our recruiter or just hang out and chat!

What we do:

  • Highsec Mining
  • Moon Mining
  • Exploration
  • Missions
  • Newbro-Friendly
  • Industry, Exploration and Science focus
  • 2,8% Tax


Be active and communicate
Participate in Fleets
Use given tools to learn and ask questions
Engage and have fun

Future Goals:
◊ Incursions
◊ Lowsec
◊ Wormhole Exploration

Amala Krarid / Umariel / Shana Estidal

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