Random crash

On mac my client is crashing random, the game is close suddenly, no cash info. it is happening in warp, jump gates or wormholes, or in the station. this has been happening since the last major patch.

Imac 27 2019 5K Radeon Pro 570X.

Here is my log file:

Something that might help it add is what things you have already tried, otherwise most of the posts are going to be ‘did you verify game cache’ or ‘have you tried deleting your existing profile’ etc…

Have you tried with the 3D view disabled? When EVE still worked on a Intel Mac I had problems with the game crashing ( Visual C++ Run Time Error ) frequently when I jumped a gate and almost every time I jumped with a capital.

One of the things I find most annoying about the Mac client is the pauses that happens when the auto-content downloader thingy triggers, so if its crashing with the swirl going around the clock try turning on the ‘download whole game’ option in the launcher, if your internet can take it.

Might also want to try opting out of Photon. The new station interior thing is draining the battery of my MacBook Pro (battery is not charging warning) even when plugged in and it lags like dial-up on my MacBook Air.

i verify my game cache, download the full game option is on. I hope some dev read my post and chack my log file. I dont have any other ideas.

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