Mac crashes

i play on mac and i would like to say the game crashed about 3 times with a black screen the first day i came back to eve but after that it went pretty smooth after

The game constantly freezes and crashes. The most common times are when jumping between systems and when loading the view planet for PI. Typically I will get 5 or 6 freezes per gaming session.

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May be it’s overheating. I was using a Mac Desktop and kept acting up. Service people said there was signs of overheating. It finally fried itself and I’m using a water cooled PC now. Problem solved.

It’s not a heat issue - it’s a CPU memory buffer issue. CCP indicated (today, actually) that they’ve been working on a fix for this.


If it’s a memory buffer issue I don’t understand why all Mac users don’t seem to affected. I’m on a 2015 MacBook Air with an i5 CPU and a measly 4GB of RAM and I have always found the game to run rock solid. I can count the times I’ve experienced a freeze and crash over the last 2 years on one hand. And my system is about as low end as it gets for gaming.

All Apple product are plus or less overheating, All of them. Apple priorise silence over cooling and CPU/GPU trottling is totally normal on these machines. Some youtuber put there macbook in the freezer to render there videos… 35% faster :smiley:

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I’ve had a few times my laptop froze while playing EVE and I had to force quite out of WINE. I don’t think it’s related to over heating but I just worried it might happen while I’m in a AD pocket.

Best to relaunch the EVE client every 45 minutes to 1 hour.

Overheating produce throttling (noticable slow down or it just wont turbo as high as it should).
Overheating should not produce crash as these are normal condition on these machine. If it crash it’s something else. Do you have logs?

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That smell like memory leak if you have to relaunch eve regulary.

Are you all using the Wine wrapper on Mac now? Or some of you still using the Transgaming Cider one?

For me it’s the memory leak, yes. Wine is the only option for us.

im on a iMac 27’’ 16Ram, i5 and its not the heat, it happens when u use to many gates, or acess to much to PI, or acess to char transform, or if u go to jita… every hour or so it needs to restart the client


Yes, I concur. I also have the same issue


This has recently started with my client as well. I am having to reboot the launcher atleast once an hour because wine crashes.

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