Ranthun needs a corp

Ranthun was recently kicked from PLOW. He needs a corp to join. Please post offers here. This will help his emotional damage.

All he had to do was show up for a fleet or two and he wouldn’t have been kicked.

Diks out for Ranth

Sons of Seyllin is recruiting!

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Keep it coming.

i had dorfsorc send and in game mail. IRC has love

RvB is recruiting Ranth. <3 :sweat_smile:

I hear those Curb guys are recruiting…but only elite pilots. Sorry Ranth.

Anyone else?

We have evidence he was on a fleet or 2.

Lol ■■■■ it I will bite. Rust is recruiting.

🇺🇸 GriMM HounDs PvP Corp LF Pilots - #8 by testywolfe Come and join us

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