Rapid Withdrawal - Pen Is Out [WANGS]

Rapid Withdrawal - Show Up, Kill ■■■■, Have Fun!

Rapid Withdrawal is a corporation built by veteran players and focused on building pilots to be the best killing machines possible. We meet people and explode their ships.

What RDRAW is:

  • A no drama adult-oriented PVP corp (NSFW)
  • A group of players who enjoy blowing up other people’s internet space ships
  • Founded Pen is Out Alliance [WANGS]

What RDRAW offers:

  • LOADS of pvp CONTENT, consistently rating among the top 10 in all of EVE!
  • Nullsec sov campus (which is currently our active deployement and focus!)
  • Wormhole campus for alts! (with P.I. buyback)
  • Cheap JF service from Jita to Sujarento AND our nullsec staging
  • Doctrine ships on contract
  • SRP program for logi/tackle/capitals
  • A variety of ISK making/PVE opportunities to make ISK for PVP

What RDRAW expects:

  • Sharing of pvp fueled SALT that is collected.
  • Teamspeak 3, microphone, and basic English proficiency are required
  • MG-Slaves or higher are mandatory for lowsec armor fleets
  • Training into and owning doctrine ships are also expected
  • A strong desire to PVP, WE ARE NOT A PVE ALLIANCE (everything we do PVE wise is to make ISK to blow up other people’s space pixels!)
  • Be at least 30 days old and have a basic understanding of the game!
  • A full OAuth Token on SEAT (api replacement)

APPLY ONLINE TODAY at https://auth.penisout.com

IMPORTANT : Join our public channel, “Rapid Withdrawal Bar & Grill”, and poke a recruiter.

RDRAW zkillboard: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98177721/

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