Rapid Withdrawal [RDRAW] - Pen Is Out [WANGS]

Show Up, Kill ■■■■, Have Fun!

[RDRAW] is:

  • A corporation built by veteran players and focused on turning pilots into the best killing machines possible.
  • Players who enjoy blowing up other players’ space pixels
  • No drama (almost), adult-oriented (NSFW) Environement
  • Founders of Pen is Out Alliance [WANGS]
    • Rapid Withdrawal
    • Global Isk Network
    • Black Fox Marauders
    • Victory or Whatever
    • Soul Takers
    • Risk Breakers
    • Hull Pen

[RDRAW] offers:

  • TONS of PVP CONTENT, consistently rating among the top 10 in all of EVE!
  • Solid and fun doctrines.
  • SRP for logi/tackle/capitals.
  • Nullsec sov campus for alts!
  • JF service from Jita to our home in Rakapas AND our nullsec campus.

[RDRAW] expects:

  • A strong desire to PVP, WE ARE NOT A PVE ALLIANCE
  • Having doctrine ships ready to go.
  • Mid Grade Armor Slaves (Amulets) or higher are mandatory for lowsec armor fleets.
  • Be at least 30 days old and have a basic understanding of the game!
  • Teamspeak 3, microphone, and basic English proficiency are required.
  • Full ESI Token on SEAT for all characters.

APPLY ONLINE TODAY at https://seat.penisout.com

IMPORTANT : Join our public channel, “Rapid Withdrawal Bar & Grill”, and poke a recruiter.

corporation killboard : https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98177721/

alliance killboard : https://zkillboard.com/alliance/99006625/

Still pew pew’ing and still recruiting!

Hang out with your Wang out!


Still recruiting “non idiots”.
-Seddow, 2020


Still recruiting!

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