The Ruckus - Hunting and Black ops corp

The Ruckus is a new (2 months old) PVP corp. We are fresh out of the gates and need players of all backgrounds that are ready to put down the swords of the mega coalitions, and forge their own weapons, content, and destiny in EVE. In order to tackle some of the content we enjoy and set ourselves up for growth and progress, we will be nomadic. For fun, light content we weekend trip to lowsec, and for our heavier hunting ops we stage from NPC venal.

We need players that want to step up and really grow a new brand. All applications will be considered, but to be competitive you will likely need the following:

  • A team attitude
  • Two accounts
  • Financial stability
  • At least one cruiser to level V and its corresponding weapon system at T2.

If you’d like to inquire, have any questions, or just want to chat, drop me a PM or comment and I’ll give you a link to our discord. Or, join our ingame channel The Ruckus


Stand alone or in an alliance?

Stand alone. Everything is primary.

First kill is on the board folks.

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Every corp has started somewhere, drop me a pm if you want to be apart of something new.

Miss me with that “want to go to delve” BS.

Its a good time to be hunting in null sec.

We’re off to a great start

PM for inv to discord.

Join in game channel “The Ruckus”

Fun things happening, join up.

Doing some piracy now. Join Ingame channel

HIt us up

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hello coyote i would like apply for your guild please

Roaming as we speak, all are invited.

Come on in, the water’s fine.

2 more dudes added today. come on in.

Lets gooooo

PM me your favorite wu tang track for free isk.

I just wanna say, as a fellow wormholer, I wish you the best of luck ( I mean it) to keep your wormhole because ,as far as I’ve heard, inner hell is evicting every c2 with null/c5 corps.

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