The RUCKUS - New Lowsec PVP corp

The Ruckus is starting from scratch. We will be a PVP corporation (primarily UStz) starting out in the redhot Amarr FW with daily lowsec content at our doorstep with weekend brawls supplying our content as we grow and stretch our arms out. We are apart of a new alliance, Blood Eagle Syndicate, which will specialize in high effort gameplay. We fly faction Battleships and brawling armor doctrines in weekly stratops. The alliance has high aspirations of punching above our weightclass. We often fight outnumbered and while multiboxing. This corp will be for the true PVP enthusiast.

We will also focus heavily on lowsec power projection using black ops and capitals when able. No bomber runs here though. Come prepared to learn how to hotdrop in lowsec and use high level tactics to make billions of isk while pvping.

We need players that want to step up and really grow a new brand. All applications will be considered, but to be competitive you will likely need the following:

  • A team attitude
  • Three accounts
  • A cap pilot

If you’d like to inquire, have any questions, or just want to chat, my discord is Coyote#0126. Or, join our ingame channel The Ruckus and join our Discord. Public fleets with doctrine handouts are pinged weekly where you can give us a good faith try and we can get to know one another.

Still open for the summer ladies and gents

public fleets to try us out with handout doctrines are pinged weekly in discord.

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