The Ruckus: Independent Nomadic PVP

We’re here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and we’re all out of ass.

The Ruckus is a tight knit USTZ Semi Nomadic small gang PvP group. We focus of Nano gangs and Black ops.

We’re looking for peeps willing to learn and participate, ideally you can fly at least a bomber and an appropriate nano ship well (Retributions.) although we’re willing to show the right dude’s and dudette’s the ropes.

What we can offer:

  • Good PvPer’s to learn from.
  • PVP ship cache.
  • Opportunity’s to AWOX Coyote’s Marshal

If interested, jump into “The Ruckus” chat channel in game or respond here.

App process includes “Checking” API’s, hanging out on comms, and then feeding a bit.

Hi. You just posted on my new pilot post. Being new, unfortunately I am not sure I understand what you said. I get the Nano (means small) but not sure about the Black Ops. Never heard of that but sounds interesting. I am willing to learn and participate but can’t fly a bomber or Retribution. But I DO understand the GOOD MONEY part but the feeding ships to the Abyss/LS Incursions has me a bit perplexed. Do you fly ships there to sell? Sorry, the rest of that I am lost…AWOX? ship cache? Sorry…help me understand.

Sure, Nano is more a reference to Nanofiber Internal Structure’s they’re a low slot module that increases the speed/ agility of ships, letting you kite out larger groups of players. We also fly nano gangs a lot (2-3 people). There are other ships that newer dudes can fly to have a huge impact in nano gangs (Things like Ewar, Damage frigs, ext)

Black ops is a reference to a class of ships that can use cloaking devices and black ops bridges. Mostly Stealth Bombers, Tech 3 Crusers, and black ops Battleships. They’re used for hit and run attacks, you basically catch something shiny ratting/mining and then jump on it with a bunch of High damage frigs/battleships and kill it before whoever your attacking has a chance to respond.

AWOX was a pilot who would join corps and abuse the fact that you could shoot corp members without Concord responding. He was super prolific and his name became the term that we use to describe shooting your corp mates. Coyote’s our CEO and he has a Marshal (an expensive black ops battleship). It was a joke about joining to kill it.

Ship cache: I bought a bunch of cheap newbie friendly ships to derp around in.

We’ve(I’ve) had a string of losses of expensive ships to the new frig abyssal sites, that was a joke. but I’ve 100% fed over a bil to abyssal space. Some of it was my fault.

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