New Pilot Looking For Excitement

So, I have done the beginner missions and the SoE epic arch and then retired to a station to train skills. I am ready to do something interesting. Not sure what that is yet but was thinking maybe some Faction Warfare or Fleet PvP (so I can hide in the crowd until I learn what I am doing). My primary driver for this is not to be bored and to earn enough ISK to get “space rich”.

I am US CST and can fly Gallente ships up to Cruisers now. Have been training drone skills pretty hard. I have a family so I can’t play every day but most evenings I can get on for a bit to relax.


If you are interested in wormhole space then check us out! Cry Of Death is Recruiting!

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You’d be welcome to check out the ruckus.
Here’s our forum post:

We’re mostly more experienced players, but we’re absolutely willing to teach you how to play this game.

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We are based in the uk, but expanding into US TZ. our allaince also plays across the US TZ so always some one online.
We are living in 0.0, we have a good group of experienced players as well as newer players and returning players. Our in game channel is brittas empire public, come say hello on discord

See what we can offer and ask any questions you have


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326BD Industries may be the perfect fit for you. We are mostly USTZ and dabble in all kinds of shenanigans.

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Hi there Grumpy,

Have you thought about coming out to Null? As long as you were happy to learn, and realise that doing so might take a wee while, we might take you in.

If you’d like to chat about it, come into our public ingame channel ORCO. anytime. We’d keep you busy - we’re a friendly bunch made up of mostly married with kids players - so we get real life has to come first.


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