326BD Industries is searching for recruits

If you are interested in joining a corporation to reach your full potential, then look no further. 326BD Industries is an exceptional corporation with a track record for success. We pride ourselves on serving our members and we will help you to get fully engaged in everything that the EVE Universe has to offer. 326BD Industries is a corporation based in a low-sec system where we enjoy all manner of things such as; Exploration Relic and Data Sites, Belt and Moon Mining, and Mission Running.

Our corporation dedicated to your success, if our members do well then, our corporation will continue to flourish. It is for this reason that 326BD Industries regularly runs PVE fleets that any member is welcome to join. To further ensure your success, if you have any questions our experienced members are always willing to help you get the answers you need. During war we also offer ship reimbursement and have an armory available if the time should arise that we must defend our station.

Mining is the foundation of everything in Eve, from providing ships to keeping the economy going. Mining is also the primary industry that allows 326BD Industries to continue our good work. Our corporation has an ore buyback program in place to ensure the time you spend working for us is compensated. Our corporation frequently holds mining operations which we strongly encourage our members to take part in.

If this sounds like something of interest than please feel free to apply to join us! Provide us with some information about yourself, goals or mutual interests and we will contact you. Also join our recruitment channel on discord.https://discord.gg/uSgTDY7


Still recruiting

Looking for pilots of all skill levels

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