🕷 ATRAX. FW Pirates | Low-sec - USTZ

Welcome to ATRAX. a corporation that balances real-life responsibilities with the adrenaline-pumping thrill of PvP combat in Low Sec/ Faction Warfare.

Our pilots understand the importance of family, work, and other commitments, but when they sit down to play, they are seasoned warriors ready to engage in intense PvP battles. We live for the rush of small gang brawls and large-scale brawls.

Fearless and united, we create a supportive community where pilots can call home and hone their PvP skills. Our experienced members will guide you through the intricacies of warfare, helping you become a force to be reckoned with in the vast expanse of space.

Join us, and not only will you become a formidable PvP pilot, but you’ll also forge long-lasting friendships. Embrace the excitement of internet spaceships, and let’s conquer together!

Alliance Killboard - Atrax Hollow | Alliance | zKillboard
Corp Killboard - ATRAX. | Corporation | zKillboard

For recruitment or Diplo, join our Discord - Atrax Hollow

What ATRAX. offers:
*Small Gang Brawls/Roams
*Capital Escalations
*Large Alliance Fights
*Large WH Brawls
*Content Hunting Payouts
*Wormhole (PI,Gas, Ore)
*C5 Krabbing Fleets & Guidance

What ATRAX. requires:
*10mil Skillpoints (Flexible)
*Functioning understanding of Discord/TS3 and A functional Microphone
*Enthusiasm for PvP & Learning


Another One.

Another one.

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