Looking for a NS or WH corp


I am looking for a NS or WH corp.

If you think your corp doesnot have toxic players/management and have a normal tax rate just send an ingame invite. Shortcut for both of us :slight_smile:

Check us out m8

Check out ATRAX!

Hey there! We pride ourselves in being a tight nit group with no darama. :smiley: Feel free to contact me via discord so I can tell you all about Brewmaster Armada :slight_smile:

hellbent69420 < My discord

Hey, hope all is well within EVE. have a look at my corp and let me know if youd be interested and have any questions! :slight_smile:

“True Strength is holding it together when everyone else would understand if you fell apart”

General Overview
Tritanium Industries and Technology [.TIT] is a tight-knit social group. We are an established corp, with a long history covering different areas of EVE. Combined with our family-banter atmosphere and wide range of in-game interests, we attract bitter vets and new players alike. We maintain an active, diverse member base. There are no hard limitations on how many hours a day you have to play, but if you simply vanish, someone will notice. If your interest is in being a voiceless, opinionless, humorless statistic, this may not be the corp for you. We have a system in place to inform corp leadership of leaves of absence, but if you just disappear, you will be removed in time. We are based in Delve null sec space. Proud member Goonswarm Federation! If you have made it this far, I shouldn’t have to tell you to read the rest of our post, but do it anyway.

Active TZ:
→ US Prime
→ EU

Area of Operation
→ Delve Nullsec

Required Language
→ English (Verbal Communication*)
*we are a hearing impaired friendly corp with systems in place to aid the hearing impaired.

What we look for in Recruits:
→ Be willing to learn and work together
→ Be active and participate in corp life (including participation on voice comms where possible, Discord, in-game)
→ Willingness to complete all AUTH services
→ Self-sufficiency is a must. We are helpful, friendly people, but the more you can accomplish on your own, the better.
→ Willingness to skill for fleet doctrines
→ Willingness to fleet up and PvP when needed

Skill Point Requirements
We have considerably relaxed our minimum SP requirements.
→ 10mil SP depending on distribution, or a vouch from an existing member.
→ Alpha friendly with current-member vouch.
We still ask that you be able to fly, or be willing to train into, some sort of fleet PVP ship.

Additional Desirable Skill Sets
→ Enthusiasm for EVE! We get it, the game has its downsides. Rather than surrounding yourself with complaints about the state of the game, why not join a group that enjoys playing it?
→ PvP background. We can’t all be ELiTE PvP, but we do offer guidance. It helps if you know the basics.
→ FC experience OR desire to learn to FC.
→ Logi V. Can always use more space bandaids.
→ Combat Capitals
→ Super / Titan pilots

What We Don’t Want (as much of)
→ Players who have singular interests in mining or ratting. We do these things, and some of our most ridiculous conversations happen during day-to-day ISK making, but we’re looking for people who can set down the greed and fight, laugh, explore, scout, and so on.
→ Brand new pilots. Everyone has to start somewhere, but we want people who know how the game works, including:
→ How to fit your own ships (decently)
→ The basic mechanics of nullsec, lowsec, and highsec with regard to Sov, PvP, and resource collection.
→ Bittervets. We all have stories. Glory days. Insurmountable odds. And we all have fun telling them. But when you spend more time reliving those glory days - and complaining about how everything was better way back when - you’re not out getting new fights, having fun experiences, or actively playing.
→ Players who want to pay any kind of quota in ISK, ore, materials, salvage, whatever so they can be left alone doing the one thing they enjoy.

What We Won’t Do
→ Provide a home so you can mine, rat, or whatever safely in null while you play the game socially with a different group.
→ If you are an active member of the corp/alliance, we will never tell you when or how to play in your sandbox.

→ Active, social, fun environment both in-game and on comms.
→ Relaxed atmosphere.
→ Content rich and semi-safe space.
→ Local rats: Blood Raider Pirates.
→ Corp / Alliance / Coalition Roams.
→ Full functioning PVP SRP - Alliance SRP and corp Supplemental SRP (to help cover any potential gaps
→ Advanced corp buyback program: Minerals/Ore/ICE/PI/Loot/Faction goodies.
→ midweek/ weekend operations in pvp and indy
→ We have a dedicated corp intergration team to help you fit in and are open to helping you with any questions you have to ask once you have joined the corp.

We will want to know:
→ Who referred you (optional)
→ Capitals you own and those you can fly
→ Your experience and who you have flown with before
→ What your main focus is and what you would like to do in TIT
→ How active you are (hours active / days active) and your timezone
→ Your other accounts / characters (if any) - along with the API’s for all of them

Alliance / Coalition
→ A member of one of EVE Online’s Oldest and more powerful alliance, Goonswarm Federation.
→ A member of EVE Online’s largest coalition, Imperium.
→ A strong ship replacement program.
→ Advanced infrastructure to make buying, shipping, and selling easy.

Recruitment Information
For more information, join our Discord through the following link . You do not need to have Discord installed to use this link - the web client is perfectly suitable. Once you join, you should be able to talk in the room #pubbie_banter. You can use this channel to talk to existing (and past) corp members to get a sense of who we are and what we’re all about.

Or just simply join the channel Public TiT in game and make youself known!

To contact a recruiter through Discord, ping the recruiting group using @Recruiter [message]. Your recruiter will likely have questions for you - and you will probably have some for them.

TSSOC has been around since 2008, lots of great members, living in an active area of Null, next door to Low sec and Hisec as well !

Come give us a look

Still looking.

Join us in ATRAX discord, and come check us out.

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