Rare ME9 Ragnarok BPO

Step right up ladies and gentlemen!

Available for purchase this week until Saturday Oct 3…

A 9/12 Ragnarok BPO! With almost 2 years worth of research!

Save ~500M ISK over ME8 and 900M over ME7 - EVERY TITANIC RUN!

ME9 copies will fetch handsome sum on contracts as well.

Yours this week only for 83B. Pay in PLEX and receive a discount of 1B.

DM in game, or post earnest offers in here.

Thank you and have a good day!

5 days left

Current bid at 70B received via in-game mail.

71 offer

Acknowledged! 3 days left.

Best offer will indeed take it.

Only 71B atm. For ME9, that’s cheap!

2 days left.

Last 24 hours! Going once.


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Remember ore changes are coming up.

This may be your last chance to get a good deal on a well researched Titan BPO.

72B going twice!


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