Rare Skins & Clothing For Sale

Ikitursa Liminal Crossings SKIN - 8.3bn

Erebus Federal Police SKIN - 1.8bn

Ikitursa All-Stars Casino Clash SKIN - 11.5bn

Hyperion Federal Police SKIN - 2.5bn

Women’s Sisters of EVE Analysis Coat - 10bn

Women’s ‘Impress’ Skirt (white)- 8.5bn


In game message or here for offers,


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Thanks for the notification tag.

Those are definitely some rare apparel items but I already have those in my collection. However I am looking for other rare items from the same time period as when those were released.

The analysis coat is very good looking & can be worn. It is a very unique & broken item hence the value but not rare at all, infact can be created by a large amount of players for free if they ever played the plannet hunter side game. Although now invisible many players still have plenty ‘AP’ in which to create the coat.

The coat is missing from the contract & market data base so can not be searched for. You can search for it, via outer apparel only.

10bn ISK is a fair price for this glitched apparel.

Yeah, those coats were added to the game in late 2015 with the first Project Discovery: Human Protein Atlas. They’re still available in the SOE LP store but to redeem them, players need Analysis Kredits which was gained from successful analysis of various biological samples in the first edition of Project Discovery.

Anyway, I actually have both the male and female versions of that coat which I bought from public contract market. In fact I currently have all of the different ‘Lab Coats’ available in the game which I used to create this Eve Character Scene that I call ‘Security Check At EDENCOM 16’

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