Rat region for amarr ships

looking for a combat nullsec corp

heres my profile:

  • im 27m SP but currently alpha so some skills are locked
  • i always aimed at skills for combat
  • have little budget
  • able to fly all ships so picking other races is not a problem but mainly amarr

so what rat faction region would i best fit in flying amarr ships that deal EM/thermal type of dmg ?
im looking for a corporation that dwells in that specific region that i could join
i am interested ONLY in shooting activities: asteroid belt ratting, combat anomalies, abyssal deadspace etc

thanks in advance <3

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Providence, there’s plenty of alliances/corps that recruit in the region and the region has Sansha rats, which happen to be weak to EM and thermal, which Amarr ships deal, and deal EM and Thermal damage, which Amarr ships have high resists against (T1/Navy).

is there any better rat choice for amarr ships than sansha rats ? i should ask that in the first place, about best choice of rats. region comes next

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They are about the only rats Amarr ships really excel against

I think Blood Raiders are weak to Em/Thermal

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