Rattlesnake 10/10 DED sites

anyone have a good rattlesnake fit for 10/10 sites… would really appreciate it alot thanks folks.

Missiles, shields, drones, now you know.


Disturbingly… that’s all you have to know to fit a rattlesnake, the rest you can eeny-minni-miney-moe.


You’re like the kids in League… “Oh yeah because INSERT ANY CHAMPION is sooooo hard…”

Every ship is the same. Did a RS reject your invitation to prom? Did he cut you deep?

How bling do you want to fit. MJD, drones, missles, shield. Done.

Kid… This is a website for a game your daddy plays, your not supposed to be here.

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Please, daddy, show us your uber-complicated and unique ship fits that aren’t just as basic as ‘eeny-minni-miney-moe’… tell us oh mighty one.

Read my guide, now you know how to fit all ships in EVE.

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