Rattlesnake in Minmatar space - waste of time?

Since it doesn’t have bonuses to explosive missiles, would it make any sense to use it over Mach/Vargur/Golem? I mean if there’s any situation where you would pick it over something with explosive damage vs Angel rats?

:red_circle: Kinetic is the second lowest resist on Angel ships and you can use Berserkers which are the bulk of your DPS anyway. Minmatar agents also give missions against Amarr (where the Thermal missiles come in handy) and Caldari (where the Kinetic things come in handy).

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more important : the rattlesnake has a bad application. The golem has a much better application, so you can use two painters and have the same tank, but a much better applied DPS.

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Rattels got pretty expensive. So if you can fly a Marauder, i would use it. Golem with Cruise missles and stable tank are pretty idiot proof. Dont put too much bling on it, or people will gank you.

Also, put a DCU . Just for the buffer.

Last time I checked Rattlesnake was half the price of Golem?



so yeah rattle is less than half a golem.

mb, thought they are around 1 b.

Still, compared with the old rattle price (450m) The difference isnt that big anymore. You propably dont need an expensive deadspace booster on the Golem and then its pretty close.

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