Rattlesnake, passive tank or active tank

Hi I have been reading as much as I can about the Rattlesnake, how to fit it, what DPS to reassembly expect from it and the tank ect.

My question is about the tank, whilst reading on the internet I have come across the opinion that passive tanks are no longer recommended as opposed to an active tank. They don’t tank as much and only have a peek output for the first 25% of the shields capacity.

My experience tells me otherwise, I enjoy using a passive tank and have no difficulty tanking damage during high security level four missions. I have the philosophy that higher DPS means I can take a reduced tank and so far this has worked out for me.

What I would like to know is what is the current community’s opinion on the topic of passive vs active tanks with regards to the Rattlesnake? Am I a dinosaur for still using a passive tank or a sheep following the herd or am I leading the herd?


Foist up, don’t be afraid to break with community “wisdom”. It’s great starting out, but they are more like general guidelines, rather than rigid rules that apply equally well to all situations. So, if you believe that you have a better way of doing things, go for it. You might be wrong, but you also might find an exception to the rule, or even pioneer a new strat. And, if you’re worried about being wrong, you can always test things out on the test server.

Now, with that out of the way, it probably wouldn’t be a terrible idea to look at active fits to see if they can increase your isk efficiency (i.e. if you can use less mods/rigs for tanking, then you might be able to increase your damage application).

And yeah, there are some pretty powerful passive regen fits out there, but it has been my experience that I’ve been able to tank more with active tanks, than with passive tanks. Thus, I use active tanks more often nowadays. Of course,that being said, I will still sometimes use passive tanks (such as when worried about neut pressure).

P.S. I was reminded of this Core-A Gaming video, and recommend checking it out. It’s about getting good at fighting games, but the lessons in it are just as applicable to other games (he also talks more about the Dreyfus Model of Skill Acquisition -and, he’s not nearly as boring as I am :slight_smile: ).

No P2W


I personally use an active. TBH with the addition of micro jump drives, you can just easily jump out 100km and continue sniping w/ cruise/sentries.

Rattle is easy mode for missions.


Be creative with the rules. You’ll discover new solutions, that are better suited to your style and may even surprise a few others.

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