Rattlesnake Railgun and Armor Viable?

I’ve been thinking of getting myself a Rattlesnake. As a Gallente I’m good with Railguns and Armor repairers/hardeners. But all the fits I look at are shield tanks and missiles

Am I going down the wrong path with railguns/armor and should swap to missiles/shield? Or, is there a viable fit that takes account of the skills I already have?

Many thanks in advance

If you want to generate a funny lossmail, go for it.

Otherwise: No. Shield+Missiles/Drones is the way to go.


I would stick with a Dominix Navy if you want a drone battleship that armor tanks and has hybrid bonuses.

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Rattlesnake is geared towards missiles and shields, and as a general rule of thumb you want to work with your ship’s bonuses, not around them. But, if you feel you can make it work, and there are exceptions to that rule, go ahead. I’m sure the local pirates would want something funny to show their friends.

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A few years ago, a wormhole corp got creative and came up with an armour’snake home defence doctrine.
It failed. It failed in truly hilarious fashion.

So no, would not recommend. Dominix Navy is the ship you want.

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If you have the skillset, a Kronos would be a far superior armor/railgun platform.

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Or if you’re looking for a discount Kronos, Vindicator is a really good alternative. Not as tanky, but just as many guns.

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There are no turret slots on a rattle. From a 2018 character one might expect at a minimum to be able to read a ship fitting window.

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