RavenLoft Security (Industrial, Hauling, Small Gang-Warfare)

RavenLoft Security is a upstart Hauling and Industrial corporation, focusing on courier services that branch around all of new Eden.

If you are a new pilot looking for insights into the lifeblood of the EVE economy, or are a hotshot looking to prove your worth in small gang warfare, then we are the place for you.

We are currently based in High-Sec space, and focus hauling as our primary means of income, but with plenty of opportunities to branch out into the other aspects of the EVE economy.

There is a lot to go over, and its easier to show than tell. If you have any questions, or you are interested in joining, please contact Omanier Drakla in-game, or join the chat channel “Raven’s Court”.

Thank you for your time :grin:

Sub Inc. Is a corporation that is interested in Joint-Ops with other corporations that have thought about running sites or mining resources in wormhole space. If you guys have any interest in something like this; Feel free to reach out anytime.

Sub Inc. Come see what Undocking can do for you.

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